Welcome to my website and my universe ✹ 初めまして。私のウェブサイトと世界へようこそ。よろしくお願いします。

Célia Bucher
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Strange & Japan


Celia is a French Art Director, she spends her childhood in the lovely region of “Franche-Comté”. In those times, she was found of horror books and creepy pastas that she shared with her two sisters. She uses her experience to create a singular universe and collaborates as an Art Director with brands, TV, agencies, public figures.

After few days in Japan in 2018, she learns the language and the culture that inspired her graphic style, creating an evolution in her universe.

She uses her talents to make short films that address human drifts: anxiety, sleep paralysis and melancholy.

January 2023
JLPT  N5 (Japanese Language Proficiency Test), Valided 

January 2020 ✹ Now
Senior Designer, Art Director, Freelance

April 2022 
 Residence EllesFontYoutube, Frames Festival, Avignon

July 2021
Cinema Residence for one month, Atelier 7, Vitré

September 2020 ✹ May 2021
First Japanese Licence Degree, IUT Bordeaux

September 2018 ✹ July 2020
Art Director Master Degree with mention, ECV, Bordeaux

May 2019 ✹ July 2019
Intern, Pandora Création, Avignon

February 2018 ✹ May 2018
Intern, FABRIQUÂ (now Kombo Studio), Switzerland

September 2017 ✹ Juny 2018
Web Design Degree with mention, MMI, Montbéliard

Mai 2016 ✹ Août 2016
Intern, Epopia, Strasbourg

September 2014 ✹ July 2017
Graphic Designer Certificate, LISAA, Strasbourg

September 2013 ✹ July 2014
Applied Arts Upgrading Program, LISAA, Strasbourg

Photo ✹ clairebstudio
Make-up ✹ coda.promakeup